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Coourtesy: Selma Times-Journal

The decision was made during the university’s board of regents meeting Thursday and was announced Tuesday.

The roughly 80 scholarship football players have a chance to finish out their college career on scholarship as long as they maintain the minimum required GPA of 2.0.Concordia Selma Hornets

Concordia chief financial officer Dexter Jackson said the decision was not based on the team’s performance this past season. Jackson said coming to the final decision wasn’t easy, but it was something the school felt it needed to do.

“We have to make a call that sometimes isn’t the call that we want, but sometimes it’s necessary,” Jackson said.

With such a large roster, Concordia director of public relations Abby Campbell said that the price of travel, equipment and other expenses became too much of a financial stress on the college.

Head football coach Stanley Conner said he wasn’t happy to hear the news, but he is grateful of his time spent coaching the Hornets.

“Being that we are a tuition-driven college, I thought the program was doing what it’s supposed to do and so it’s just kind of unfortunate that it happened, but whatever is for the betterment of the college is what I’m about,” Conner said.

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