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Virginia Union University's Felicia Johnson, Director of Compliance and Senior Woman Administrator, has been named to the NCAA Division II Nominating Committee, the NCAA announced on Wednesday, May 20.vuu felicia johnson hsJohnson

The Division II Nominating Committee presents nominations for vacancies on all Division II-specific committees, including men's and women's sports committees, and for the Division II positions on committees functioning in an Association-wide or multidivisional capacity. The Nominating Committee develops it's own procedures and policies to complete these assignments. Whenever possible, the Nominating Committee is responsible for forwarding to the appropriate group more nominees for consideration than there are vacancies to be filled on a particular committee. The Nominating Committee provides rationale for each nominee it forwards and when appropriate, notes its highest recommendation for consideration.

"It's truly an honor to be the selected for the NCAA Nominating Committee," said Johnson. "It gives me great pleasure to represent the Central Intercollegiate Athletic Association. As a member of this committee I plan on doing what I can to be a true representative of what the NCAA Division II Nominating Committee stand for."

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