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Onnidan Football Scoreboard 4h

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DIY custom module(Neulion test)

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With all the talk associated with “Fake News” and the divisive rhetoric on social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter, websites – including and - are also under the watchful eye of the Internet giants. And those giants are coming down hard on sites like this one (particularly the Fan Forum message board) due to the public’s demand for better oversight.

We recognize the cultural conflict that exists but due to our advertising relationship with a particular Internet giant and our agreement to comply with that company’s advertising policy, we’ve been called out over the past few months for content in posts/threads that supposedly violate those policies going back several years. Those threads weren’t an issue then, but for some reason, they are an issue now. And we are being penalized (financially) because of it.

Some news outlets have begun to limit access to their content (X number of articles per month, etc). We don't want to do that, so we are asking you directly for your financial support.

Any amount that you give is very much appreciated and will help us continue serving you with comprehensive coverage of HBCU sports on, and

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